14 - You Are The Witch

from by Lost Society

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You Are The Witch!

Orwell put you in too good of a light
It’s not 1984
It’s 1620
Still primates, still astute

Everyone’s a mystery to each other
(The) streets you tread upon are mystical
Your leash needs to be kept short, so you
Don’t get out of line, cause
If you do, they’ll know:
You are the witch!

You fall prey to your own selves
The freedom preached is mythical
Sit on a tray and serve yourselves, or
Hide in the closet so you don’t get caught

Based on the fear induced
There’s witchfinders everywhere
When a witchhunt’s going down, (you’re either) Hop-kins or
You are the witch!

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be DEAD, I mean…
..Taken to the tower
The folks have grown impatient since
The most recent small-scale meteor shower

It’s not your choice
You don’t have a say in this
Just one voice
And guess what? It’s not yours

“Don’t you do that
Don’t even dare
If you attract attention
People will stare

We’ll dumb you down
For your own sake
Because in life, my friend,
Nothing is fair

Do look at us, how damn
Mighty we are, our
Coltrane-esque Giant Steps, they
Take us so far, BUT it’s
Pieces of shit like you who keep
Staining our boots, can you not
See that we’re so huge we can fit y’all in a jar

Inside our massive shells we’re frustrated men; in order
NOT to show fear we act as tough as we can; Because we’ll
Never raise the bar, we’ll pull it towards us, if you
Make us look stupid, we’ll
Burn you alive!”

Guess they chased you back in your closet
I hate to tell you but it’s just a door
It doesn’t matter on which side you’re on
Neither looks too safe to claim

Based on the fear induced
They’re the ones, the hypocrites
“Witches are out there but…It’s not us, it’s
Peak-a-boo! Guess who?

The witch is you!”


from Lost Society, released October 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Lost Society Romania


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