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A debut that is sure to raise an eyebrow or two (or two-in-one if you have a uni-brow) by mixing a wide array of genres, ideologies, instruments and moods . Stemming from a punk mentality, you may pigeonhole the music what you will, whether it be "roxy music", alternative stew or eclectique rocque...every track sounds drastically different from the others, so quench your curiosity by doing yourself the favor to listen and take it all in.


released October 7, 2012

Paul "Slayer" Grigoriu - vocals
Matei Tibacu-Blendea - drums, bass, guitars, keys, backing vocals, percussion, theremin


-Stefan Hancu - guitars & ebow (1,3,7,9,10,14) , bass (4,7,9,10), blockflöte
-Greg Kuehn (T.S.O.L.) - piano (15)
-Jack Grisham (T.S.O.L.) - spoken word (3)
-Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) - spoken word (6)
-Keith Morris (OFF!, Circle Jerks, Black Flag) - spoken word (13)
-Gareth Bodman - trumpet
-Natalie Searle - vocals (8,15,16)
-Clare Ashton-Cobb - vocals (15)
-Steve Rickwood - fretless bass (15)
-Andrei Popa - guitar solo (15)
-Adrian Moisoiu - chitara (9)



all rights reserved


Lost Society Romania


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Track Name: 01 - We Will Find You

Your feet are getting tired
But you cannot outrun us
The search is on and we will find you

We are
The scientists of mankind
And we have been empowered
By the financially potent kingpins

Various procedures
To make it easy for us
To hold you under observation

Say “hi”
We’re everywhere you look ‘cause
We trace your virtual footsteps
Regardless of your destination

Hit me!

You see
Them on TV, they’re smiling
Cause it feels good to have our
Hands up their ass as they’re our puppets

We’ll start
By banning all your freedoms
Discreetly moving onto
Your rights, but you won’t even notice

(Look out!)
No more rain
For your crops
No more pay

No more “fair”
Impost, yes
Safety, nay

Once upon a time
There was a sense of faith and hope
But now it’s gone

They turned God into
An architect, now
They’re after those who were not traced
But born

We do
believe in moral values
You see, we’re men of our words
We promised you that we will find you

But that’s it
We drop our “soft approach” act
Now you can hear the sirens
And we can hear your heavy panting

Feed you
With poison slowly working
To cancel your objections
As we control the demographics

Too old
To help in the production
We’ll legalize your passing
A mandatory euthanasia

Not too long ago
There was a sense of faith and hope
But now it’s gone

They turned God into
An architect, now
They’re after those who weren’t traced
But born

Time to engage operation “Whack-a-mole”
Come out, come out wherever you are…

Swim for the shore as your body goes ablaze, not
Safe in the water
BP’s oil leak: a “hi” from our behalf

And the East Asian tremors and the death of Bin Laden
It’s just us winking at you, don’t you
Think we can strip you of your flesh with just one gaze?

Is golden, don’t you know it?
And every word you’re saying
Is something we can use against you

Recall your every nightmare
Your choices: join our army
Or try resisting – we will find you

Logic's missed
Reckoning Day
Reaching you

Ask yourself
When it ends
Who'll find who?
Just who will find who?
Track Name: 02 - Lost Society

The world is a store, but you have bought it all
It’s a shallow picture where you don’t fit in
Advertising haunts you like the siren’s call
Words that claim to show the benefit of sin

Language is a prison, things you cannot say
Senses are corrupted so that we don’t see
One day you decide that you won’t go their way
Freedom building up a lost society

Reach for inner freedom
As the world grows old
Words of faith reveal the Other
And we’re yearning for communion to unfold

Past and present draw a line of meaning
Is there any sense in history?
The postmodern way shows no redeeming
While tradition brings vitality


Time when words are dying
Sing them, they’ll be flying
Freedom through confusion
More than an illusion

Narrow is the path that leads to our end
And there’s little time to count the cost
Nothing but a deeper meaning to defend
In our society of the lost


Through a poem spread the message
Lost society of courage
Track Name: 03 - Fuck Off And Die (feat. Jack Grisham)

Snow is a new page
“Now is the winter of our discontent”

Snow falls
(It’s getting colder)
But I’d rather
(catch pneumonia)
Than turn on
(The heat, I can’t)
Afford it
(My new home is the street)

Not only
(are my pockets)
(and ripped, but they)
Took my
(pants altogether)
(on this cold, blank page
face-up, I am the vitruvian man)

“My current state: trash-friendly
And I’m not alone; there’s millions like me
Millions of spineless larvae leaving slime as trace

We fill up streets…when there’s a game, but when they
Chop off our salaries and trample upon our rights in full defiance of the constitution
We pout and shrug”

There is no need to bargain, there is no
Need to argue over the price when the
Quality’s always the same but the products are
Different from one…case to another

Hunger beats philosophical theories
I say tomato, you say tamato
He or she says tamale

I see a line (as I should)
There it lies, drawn, it’s as
Visible as it is crooked
But is it a line…or a

…it can be guidance to
Get from A to B
And which is A…and which is B
When there’s no line inbetween?

You ignore God, then blame on him the chaos
But chaos has been caused by him for centuries
The flame, of the burning bush will prevail
That’s only if my Sun allows its rays to ignite

(sarcastic laughter) Arguments are but a distraction from our ways
And as you dig, and shape your graves
Leave room for your children to follow, cause we’ll take everything, so
Fuck. Off. And…
Track Name: 04 - Chain Song

Just put your name on the dotted line
Then turn around, we’ll use you just fine
We’re pulling on your strings
Forget about the wings

Surrender to the corporate state
For you to serve, for us to dictate
Machines of human race
So easy to replace

All your secret societies
Spreading their occult remedies
Won’t rob me of my truth

They educate what we have to think
Create our needs, control every link
No rebelling intent
Your freedom we prevent


Your stupid kids can’t open their eyes
To see the pride hidden behind your lies
The power that you claim
Is driving you insane
Track Name: 05 - Nirvana Pizza

I couldn’t care less whether we’re bound or free
If I can get my crispies at the KFC
Don’t hold me your preaches about what is true
I only value things when they’re new

I’m not interested in salvation or war
Just wanna buy my condoms at the neighborhood store
I don’t need to read, your books are lost on me
I get all news I need from TV

Hey, hey, out of my way
I’m the new man, I’m living today

Give me a pizza
And I’ll find nirvana
Cause this is all I wanna be
My life is full of joy

I’m an urban man and my outfit is cool
I even pride myself with a degree in school
I am open-minded, I think I am free
Just don’t you take my comfort from me

Hey, hey, out of my way
I’m the new man, I’m living today


So pleased with myself, others I criticize
When I don’t care, my belly is growing in size
Mainstream my opinion, but that is just fine
As long as I’m convinced that it’s mine

I’m the new man, don’t you get it?


You’re so full of shit
Track Name: 06 - TelepathiKc Idiocy (feat. Jello Biafra)

Telepathic idiocy
Spreading like a viral disease among the
People who believe the joys in life are free
Sometimes the price is not paid in money, when a

Government trains its society, to keep in
Mind that it occupies the strongest country, and
All other countries are inferior, cause there’s
Always something to rub their noses in, like:

“We’ve got the bomb and you don’t…
Our communism is covert…
We’ll buy Mars and you won’t…
We grow the biggest fruit…”

..Just like in a child’s game, it’s
All about acquiring the biggest toys, and to
Win, we cheat our way throughout, and

When we get caught, we just change the rules

…And you’re an idiot…and you’re an idiot…and you’re an idiot…and I’m an idiot…
…We must all be brothers

Telepathic idiocy…is when we
All fail simultaneously, we’re
Synched with a consonant symphony
Obey as one and brag along:

“We’ve got the highest crime rate…
Healthcare has been reformed…
We’ve got the hungriest people…
And the most unemployed citizens

A lost and found society, we save the
Day as the enemy, after all
We caused this anarchy, and
We’ll never reveal what happened on nine eleven
Track Name: 07 - Ultimate Rebellion

We’re lost in our own game
Of comfort and delusion
Days go by just the same
With sorrow and confusion

They washed our brain
They’ve dried our souls
They’re selling pain
And claim control

As a desperate solution
We could start a revolution
See the fruit of my reflection
Spreading like an infection
We could form a new battalion
For the ultimate rebellion
And my ultimate rebellion is You

All things became PR
The truth, it doesn’t matter
Forgetting who we are
They advertise us better

Politic’lly correct
Sounds rather schizophrenic
A brainwashing effect
Slavery epidemic


I’ll shake my pride
We’re not that much
But what’s inside
They cannot touch
Track Name: 08 - I Noticed You Died

I noticed you died
By the blank stare in your eyes
I noticed you died
Your turn came before mine
But why is there a line
To be buried alive
What a lengthy line…

But there’s nothing wrong with me
There’s something wrong with all of you
You just don’t realize it
But soon you’ll share my paranoid point of view

People live in chaos
People live in fear
People are too selfish
They think that death is near
But death is an invention
To ensure obedience
I was there, I know
I died, I got away

They think of you as lab rats
Replaceable if gone off track
They need not to be trusted
Don’t ever trust anyone if they don’t trust you back

Welcome to the funeral of my mind
There’s a reason why I’m always dressed in black
I see the other shore shrinking fast behind
But I have sailed away, away, there’s no way back

I’d like to think of it this way:
That the world’s gone insane, but I
Stayed the same

Not the other way around
There’s just too much going on
My sanity is all but gone

This brings us back to why you’re in line
To wait for them to expel your conscience from your mind
I buried me alive six feet underground
Cause it’s a safer place than the world around

I used to try to look sane
Camouflaged in society
Now I don’t even bother, cause I know
It won’t take long till you become one of me

I noticed you died
I noticed you died
Talk to me
Maybe you’re still there
Your heart thumps
Are beating backwards
Track Name: 09 - The Road To The Sea

When the sun lingers in the sky
Lighting my way
And the memories pass me by
Drifting away

When the stories I never told
Bring together the years of gold
I remember them with a smile
Now I guess I will travel a while

And it’s the road to the sea
That never leaves me be
Endless way to a place I call my own
When they all left me behind
I looked for peace of mind
You can find me on my road to the sea

When the rise turns into a fall
Joy becomes sad
And the heart beats so weak and small
Breaking like bread

When the questions I cannot hide
Find their answers buried inside
Know the truth that will set me free
To reveal something deeper than me


When the friends sing the same old song
Present and gone
And this love follows all along
Traveling on

It’s a feeling of inner peace
Life to see with its infinite bliss
And all thoughts just run through the sand
In a story never to end

Track Name: 10 - Murders In Utero

This could’ve been Mozart or this could’ve been me
This could’ve been anyone since killing is free
This one is not screaming so you give him scorn
You flush down the toilet, there goes the unborn

Murders in utero
We’re killing generation next
With no remorse and no regrets
The gift of God, life of a child
Crime and consent leave us defiled

I wonder what doctrine allows you to kill
You advocate murder and speak of free will
You bury the voiceless and speak about choice
Would this child choose dying if he had a voice?

Conscious or just blinded we kill a new life
Not able to fight back it falls by our knife
And if it’s not something you’re thinking about
In nights cold and lonely your conscience will shout!

Track Name: 11 - Anti-Leftist Manifesto

Organized terror flogging the masses
No respect for persons, matter is your god
Amoral progress, parasite culture
Propaganda science, low level of thought

Relative knowledge, dictator-leaders
Rights you are preaching, the right to be like you
No sense of honor, no faith, no freedom
Anti-spiritual, killing what’s true

Humanist teachers, atheist preachers
Exposed as liars as we awake
Millions to sponsor your revolution
Your words deceiving, your education fake
Repeating your mistake
Till history gives you a break

Anti-leftist manifesto
Equal idiots, I refuse
Poison through the heart of Europe
This time you will lose
Anti-leftist manifesto
Nations rising from the dead
Shaking Marx and Lenin’s bullshit
Nightmare painted red

The only revolution is the incarnation (repeat)

Persons don’t matter, progress in numbers
Adjust our freedom to your soulless way
It’s you who bread Stalin, you killed our brothers
Threat for our freedom, still here today

Brainwashed through media, blinded by slogans
You’re advertising the communist mall
Red plague supporters, go see your idols
As North Korea will embrace you all
In answer to your call
They will create another wall

Track Name: 12 - Green Is The New Red

Iron curtain fell, the age of freedom
Social dialogue needs sponsoring
Cast into the dark the Soviet monsters
Rise of the new “thing”

1984 is still a warning
Read between the lies, see what I mean
Control all your moves, the new Big Brother
Wears the mask of green

Don’t you know it’s all a lie
Can’t you see it through
Don’t you know they’d rather die
Than speak one word that’s true

Poverty they used to cover horrors
Claim state property will cure us all
Communism, a plague, a false religion
Yet it didn’t fall

Lies built up with care to chain the people
Everything you do, under control
An excuse to throw a man in prison
“Be green or you will fall”

Mother Earth’s in real pain
But that’s not their concern
Don’t you waste your time in vain
Get wiser and just learn

Eco-movement aims for new
Mixing lies with little truth
They fight the spirits free

Green is the new red, being force-fed
Open your eyes, don’t swallow their lies

“Ice age coming back”, they claimed for decades
Prohibiting things we used to do
Now the bullshit’s name is global warming
Tomorrow something new

Possessions and countries and religion
They want to destroy, destroy our wealth
For them to decide how much you may have
For the planet’s health

What you think and feel is censored
If it’s not green enough
Generously they are sponsored
To make freedom tough


Don’t you trust their eco-lies
Communism disguised
People, open up your eyes
Don’t stay hypnotized!

Track Name: 13 - Du Chat Noir! (feat. Keith Morris)
Du Chat Noir!

At the stake
For God’s sake! Just
Cause they didn’t buy it, so

You stand out
From the crowd, whatever you
Do (it’ll) make them frown

(Then) They will tell stories
They may not sound real
There’ll come a time when you too will reach your full potential
And that’s when you’ll gain more experience
And that’s when you’ll know

You’re growing old…

Is like dope
Will I win the lottery?

For a sign
Be in line
With the world around me”

The lines on your palms read you’ll croak
But the crystal ball shows
You’ll be fine

On the young
They’re our future
We’re their past

Still alive, but
To survive, you wanna
Know how long you’ll last

Get ripped off
To find out
That you’ll get ripped off

There’s no such thing, these people don’t
Know what will follow
They’re just playing god

A glimpse of illusion
An unknown future
A misguided nation
Building up idols

Far away

Yesterday i read the news
and ye, it's all the same
more reasons to sing the blues
and everyone's to blame
listen to the window, it's crying out your name

Superstition i don't care
our lord shall lead the way
there is music everywhere
just hear this song today

All the pain
Seek in vain
Talismans won’t heal you

Trust all fools
With their tools
Of deceit and voodoo

And then wealth
Stupid health
Sacrifice reflection

Feng-shui charms
Wicked arms
Spiritual dejection

Cactus died
I realized, I’m less
Nourishing than a desert

When it comes to me
I want the stars, to
Take care of my problems”

How they think
Isn’t it weird?
To depend on thin air

“Out of line”
Be like wine
Get better with aging

You will hear stories
You may not like them
They’ll call you “heretic”
They’ll try to cast you out

They claim they’re witches
(Cause) They made the rules first
But a black cat is only a black cat
And they’re only people
Track Name: 14 - You Are The Witch
You Are The Witch!

Orwell put you in too good of a light
It’s not 1984
It’s 1620
Still primates, still astute

Everyone’s a mystery to each other
(The) streets you tread upon are mystical
Your leash needs to be kept short, so you
Don’t get out of line, cause
If you do, they’ll know:
You are the witch!

You fall prey to your own selves
The freedom preached is mythical
Sit on a tray and serve yourselves, or
Hide in the closet so you don’t get caught

Based on the fear induced
There’s witchfinders everywhere
When a witchhunt’s going down, (you’re either) Hop-kins or
You are the witch!

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be DEAD, I mean…
..Taken to the tower
The folks have grown impatient since
The most recent small-scale meteor shower

It’s not your choice
You don’t have a say in this
Just one voice
And guess what? It’s not yours

“Don’t you do that
Don’t even dare
If you attract attention
People will stare

We’ll dumb you down
For your own sake
Because in life, my friend,
Nothing is fair

Do look at us, how damn
Mighty we are, our
Coltrane-esque Giant Steps, they
Take us so far, BUT it’s
Pieces of shit like you who keep
Staining our boots, can you not
See that we’re so huge we can fit y’all in a jar

Inside our massive shells we’re frustrated men; in order
NOT to show fear we act as tough as we can; Because we’ll
Never raise the bar, we’ll pull it towards us, if you
Make us look stupid, we’ll
Burn you alive!”

Guess they chased you back in your closet
I hate to tell you but it’s just a door
It doesn’t matter on which side you’re on
Neither looks too safe to claim

Based on the fear induced
They’re the ones, the hypocrites
“Witches are out there but…It’s not us, it’s
Peak-a-boo! Guess who?

The witch is you!”
Track Name: 15 - Cheers (feat. Greg Kuehn)

Cheers…and we meet again
…Mrs. Alcohol, here I am

I need…your liquid therapy
You look…like you were brewed just for me

Here…comes my trembling hand
I swore I’ll never have re-runs of moments like this and yet here I am

All of the tears, I ‘ve gushed out
Over the years, I find
Sobriety to be a source of stress and of fears, so I’ll
Drink until they’re gone

Cheers…hush, my hidden rage
Old frustrations resurf(ace) I now know that to remember means to age

Oh, now, thanks to you, I see how it’s done
New frustrations pile up over old ones, get compressed, morph into one…(me)

Over the years I’ve been
Drowning in tears, I see the
World as an empty shelf, it
Lacks enough beers to make
Me want to move on

Cheers…did you see my look?
It’s the look of a madman! it’s what’s left after everything you took

As I quench my thirst, and
Make sure I…don’t leave traces

Contours oddly-shaped, each
Blurred out like a rushed oasis

Voices mating, my
Eyes…try persuading them to fade…out
…(but) I’m alone

Cheers…again-I’ve gone insane
But-the damage-grew-in-time, ‘Cause I used to be fine, so then who’s to blame?

My eyes, closed…I start to reminisce
I shake my head as it tilts, can’t-figure-out-how-it all came to this

Every-day-for-me…(is) a form of rebirth
So-every-night-I-drink...like it’s my last night on earth

I’m not here by choice, it’s just…something I need to do
I’m here…because-or-rather thanks to you

All of the tears, I ‘ve gushed out
Over the years, I find so-
Briety to be a source of stress and of fears, so I’ll
Drink un til I’m gone