12 - Green Is The New Red

from by Lost Society

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Iron curtain fell, the age of freedom
Social dialogue needs sponsoring
Cast into the dark the Soviet monsters
Rise of the new “thing”

1984 is still a warning
Read between the lies, see what I mean
Control all your moves, the new Big Brother
Wears the mask of green

Don’t you know it’s all a lie
Can’t you see it through
Don’t you know they’d rather die
Than speak one word that’s true

Poverty they used to cover horrors
Claim state property will cure us all
Communism, a plague, a false religion
Yet it didn’t fall

Lies built up with care to chain the people
Everything you do, under control
An excuse to throw a man in prison
“Be green or you will fall”

Mother Earth’s in real pain
But that’s not their concern
Don’t you waste your time in vain
Get wiser and just learn

Eco-movement aims for new
Mixing lies with little truth
They fight the spirits free

Green is the new red, being force-fed
Open your eyes, don’t swallow their lies

“Ice age coming back”, they claimed for decades
Prohibiting things we used to do
Now the bullshit’s name is global warming
Tomorrow something new

Possessions and countries and religion
They want to destroy, destroy our wealth
For them to decide how much you may have
For the planet’s health

What you think and feel is censored
If it’s not green enough
Generously they are sponsored
To make freedom tough


Don’t you trust their eco-lies
Communism disguised
People, open up your eyes
Don’t stay hypnotized!



from Lost Society, released October 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Lost Society Romania


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