03 - Fuck Off And Die (feat. Jack Grisham)

from by Lost Society

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Snow is a new page
“Now is the winter of our discontent”

Snow falls
(It’s getting colder)
But I’d rather
(catch pneumonia)
Than turn on
(The heat, I can’t)
Afford it
(My new home is the street)

Not only
(are my pockets)
(and ripped, but they)
Took my
(pants altogether)
(on this cold, blank page
face-up, I am the vitruvian man)

“My current state: trash-friendly
And I’m not alone; there’s millions like me
Millions of spineless larvae leaving slime as trace

We fill up streets…when there’s a game, but when they
Chop off our salaries and trample upon our rights in full defiance of the constitution
We pout and shrug”

There is no need to bargain, there is no
Need to argue over the price when the
Quality’s always the same but the products are
Different from one…case to another

Hunger beats philosophical theories
I say tomato, you say tamato
He or she says tamale

I see a line (as I should)
There it lies, drawn, it’s as
Visible as it is crooked
But is it a line…or a

…it can be guidance to
Get from A to B
And which is A…and which is B
When there’s no line inbetween?

You ignore God, then blame on him the chaos
But chaos has been caused by him for centuries
The flame, of the burning bush will prevail
That’s only if my Sun allows its rays to ignite

(sarcastic laughter) Arguments are but a distraction from our ways
And as you dig, and shape your graves
Leave room for your children to follow, cause we’ll take everything, so
Fuck. Off. And…


from Lost Society, released October 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Lost Society Romania


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