01 - We Will Find You

from by Lost Society

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Your feet are getting tired
But you cannot outrun us
The search is on and we will find you

We are
The scientists of mankind
And we have been empowered
By the financially potent kingpins

Various procedures
To make it easy for us
To hold you under observation

Say “hi”
We’re everywhere you look ‘cause
We trace your virtual footsteps
Regardless of your destination

Hit me!

You see
Them on TV, they’re smiling
Cause it feels good to have our
Hands up their ass as they’re our puppets

We’ll start
By banning all your freedoms
Discreetly moving onto
Your rights, but you won’t even notice

(Look out!)
No more rain
For your crops
No more pay

No more “fair”
Impost, yes
Safety, nay

Once upon a time
There was a sense of faith and hope
But now it’s gone

They turned God into
An architect, now
They’re after those who were not traced
But born

We do
believe in moral values
You see, we’re men of our words
We promised you that we will find you

But that’s it
We drop our “soft approach” act
Now you can hear the sirens
And we can hear your heavy panting

Feed you
With poison slowly working
To cancel your objections
As we control the demographics

Too old
To help in the production
We’ll legalize your passing
A mandatory euthanasia

Not too long ago
There was a sense of faith and hope
But now it’s gone

They turned God into
An architect, now
They’re after those who weren’t traced
But born

Time to engage operation “Whack-a-mole”
Come out, come out wherever you are…

Swim for the shore as your body goes ablaze, not
Safe in the water
BP’s oil leak: a “hi” from our behalf

And the East Asian tremors and the death of Bin Laden
It’s just us winking at you, don’t you
Think we can strip you of your flesh with just one gaze?

Is golden, don’t you know it?
And every word you’re saying
Is something we can use against you

Recall your every nightmare
Your choices: join our army
Or try resisting – we will find you

Logic's missed
Reckoning Day
Reaching you

Ask yourself
When it ends
Who'll find who?
Just who will find who?


from Lost Society, released October 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Lost Society Romania


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